The Paul Letters

Great article from Jamie Kirchick over at The New Republic, detailing the years of vile newsletters put out by Ron Paul, filled with racist, anti-Semitic, anti-gay, and conspiracy theory rantings.

I truly don’t understand the Paulites’ defense that Ron Paul bears no responsibility for any of this … just because. (Read the comments to the article — as usual for the Paul brigades, they’re unhinged.)

At least Andrew Sullivan may be waking up to the fact that the Ron Paul “revolution” is a front for something much uglier than opposition to the Iraq war and defense of the Constitution.

To be clear: It doesn’t matter one bit if Ron Paul wrote any of this. It went out under his name, it reflects the views of many of his supporters, and he’s at the very least tacitly endorsed all of it for years by not denouncing it. Ron Paul doesn’t get to be judged by a lower standard because he’s a fringe candidate anymore. If Hillary Clinton, Mike Huckabee, or anyone else had stuff like this under his name, it would be a career ender. That it’s not for Ron Paul shows exactly what his supporters are all about.

UPDATE (3:59 p.m.): Here’s a page with links to PDFs of the newsletters.

UPDATE II (4:02 p.m.): Ron Paul responds. He’s denounced the newsletters before, he says. Yup. And he waited about a decade after they were published under his name to do so. Ron Paul ain’t going to be president, so it doesn’t really matter. But if he runs a third-party campaign, it will be worth revisiting.

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