Romney: ‘Our Constitution was written for people of faith’

Well, Mitt Romney seems to be having a complete meltdown now, so hopefully we won’t have to talk about him for much longer (imagine, in a month and a half, this clown will be gone forever — having attempted to sell his soul and only sullied his name forever).

In an exchange with reporters today in Iowa, Romney seems to have gone even further than in his speech on Thursday in declaring non-believers un-American. Hotline has the story:

Mitt Romney was deluged today with questions about yesterday’s speech on faith, specifically about the statement that: “Freedom requires religion, just as religion requires freedom.” “It was a speech on faith in America, first of all,” Romney said, during a testy exchange with reporters after a town hall forum here. He said he was paraphrasing what John Adams and George Washington once said and added that, “For a nation like ours to be great and to thrive, that our Constitution was written for people of faith, and religion is a very extraordinary element and very necessary foundation for our nation. I believe that’s the case.”

Near the end of the media avail, he was asked if he thought a non-spiritual person could be a free person, and he said: “Of course not, that’s not what I said.” Pressed again about the freedom requiring religion line, he said, “I was talking about the nation.”

So, “our Constitution was written for people of faith”? That’s why there’s no reference anywhere within it to even the vague concept of a “creator”? Romney’s hostility to atheists and agnostics at this point cannot be an oversight. Even David Brooks today pointed out how the former governor is deliberately stoking hostility against the faithless. The campaign refuses to say anything that would clarify on this point; meanwhile, Romney himself is making comments that only clarify his own hostility.


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